UK Club Promoter Shares Threatening Messages From Agent After Refusing To Pay For Outrageous Rider Demands

High demands.

When it comes to booking gigs, you’ve got to understand that certain bands and DJs have requirements for playing the show. Most of the time it’ll just be payment or a rider of booze, but in this case the DJ sent the promoters so over the edge that they will definitely never think about booking this guy again.

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It all started with Abstrakt, a new club night located in Edinburgh, who had booked Jeremy Underground for a headline slot for their upcoming launch night. However, Abstrakt revealed that they’d dropped the booking after receiving ridiculous demands from the DJ. I won’t go too much into it and let you see the story for yourself:

Unbelievable. Firstly those texts are pathetic and entirely inappropriate for someone to send to their booker and secondly, who the fuck is that uppity about a hotel? Get what you’re given dude – the fact that they were willing to give up the first booking is generous enough. Anyway, good on Abstrakt for outing Jeremy Underground – looks like they’re going to have a far better night without him.

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