Here’s One Of The Closest Near Death Experiences You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

Near Death Experience Dog Crash

Super intense.

I don’t think anyone ever wants to be involved in a near death experience, but if you are going to get involved in one then it’s probably a good idea to make sure someone is filming it so you can at least get a viral video out of the equation.

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In this one, a bunch of bikers are enjoying a nice group trek up a highway in the states somewhere when a dog suddenly flies of out nowhere into one of them. Obviously, getting a dog running into your bike is going to completely screw up your trajectory and it causes the one guy to fall off his bike and the guy behind him as well.

This is where it gets dramatic. The second biker goes flying into oncoming traffic and literally just manages to jump out of the way of a speeding semi coming straight at him. It’s being filmed on another guy’s helmet cam and it’s slightly far away, but you can clearly see him hightail it out of the way literally in the nick of time:

That is one hell of a lucky escape because you could quite easily see that guy going splat on the side of the road if he hadn’t of reacted so quickly. Lucky man.

I suppose none of them could really have done anything about the dog because that’s just something you can’t legislate for, but I suppose if you’re walking your dog near a highway keep it on a leash to avoid anything like this happening too often?

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