Near-Death Experiences Don’t Get Any Closer Or More Terrifying Than This

Holy crap that was close.

Some dude in Saudi Arabia’s near-death experience is going viral, as he was probably as close to getting sliced in half as you can possibly get without it happening.

He was casually walking down the street when out of nowhere a huge, heavy pane of glass fell from a building and, at super high speed, nearly smashed him right on the head.

Instead it kind of grazes him and knocks him to the floor, as he wonders what the hell just happened:

That is some ridiculous Final Destination-style shit right there. Really reminds you that if the universe wants it can take your life in an instant and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can plan to lead the safest, most risk-free life imaginable and you’ll still nearly get obliterated by a glass pane as you walk down the street. One inch to the left and this guy was a goner — 100%.

P.S. Why did he get up and walk in the opposite direction to where he was initially going?

P.P.S. Amazingly, this cyclist had an even luckier escape when he nearly became the filling in a car sandwich.


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