CKY Have Just Released A Comeback Signal


The year of the comeback.

CKY soundtracked much of our youth growing up whilst we wished that we could join a heavy metal band and actually be good at skateboarding. You just can’t beat Flesh Into Gear or 96 Quite Bitter Beings, right?

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Of course, none of us ever actually succeeded in those dreams and I’m sure most us assumed that CKY had also gone the way of the buffalo as well. Not true apparently as they’ve just dropped their comeback single – the first since 2009’s Carver City – aptly titled ‘Days Of Self Destruction’. Any guess what it’s about?

I mean it’s OK – it still kinda sounds like CKY, except they’ve just hired some guy to play weird organ over the choruses. It’s strange as well because the band’s guitarist Chad Ginsburg is now handling vocal duties and guitar playing after original singer Derek Miller quit in 2011. I swear I wouldn’t have noticed that if nobody had told me because it sounds exactly the same, other than the fact it isn’t 2002 anymore so I’m not really that into it anymore. Still sounds the same though.

If on the other hand, you’re absolutely buzzed off this track then the CKY boys are actually doing a full UK tour that kicks off next week. Obviously you would be a fool to miss it. They’re dropping an album called ‘The Phoenix’ – signally their return from their ‘Days Of Self Destruction’ of the past probably – pretty soon too so watch out for that as well.

For more CKY, check out Bam Margera skating again. Looks like they’ve all managed to conquer their dark days.


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