Bam Margera Is Finally Back On A Skateboard And He’s Still Got It

Bam Skating

Never thought I’d see the day.

Bam Margera made his name as a skateboarder and a member of the Jackass crew back in the late 90s/early 00s and was one of the coolest guys out there, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen him on a board.

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Of course, Bam’s problems have been well documented since then which explains why we aren’t seeing him on our screens as much as we used to, but you might not realise that he’s actually been off a skateboard because he had bone spurs in his feet. It seems like this problem has finally been rectified though judging by the footage below, which shows Bam absolutely shredding on a miniramp for the first time in years:

Great to see him back. Sure, it’s only a miniramp but that’s still a pretty sick run right there.

Bam is apparently relearning how to skate after five years without picking up a board so he can get back to basics and spend time doing what really makes him happy. He’s currently living in Barcelona whilst he’s pursuing this endeavour and it looks like it’s going pretty well from this video.

Bam’s also in talks with Element about possibly releasing a new part if anything he manages to pull off is deemed worthy enough, but right now he’s not so sure if it will be. Here’s hoping it is though, because a new Bam Margera part would be absolutely insane.

If you’re not sure what’s happened to Bam over the last few years, check out this video. He wasn’t having a good time, let’s put it that way.


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