Here’s What Cillian Murphy Thinks Of Brexit

‘You can’t hold Ireland to ransom.’

Brexit has been a hot topic of conversation for the last three years, but one of the more recent hot topics of conversation has been the new season of Peaky Blinders, so it only seems natural that the two would combine in the form of series star Cillian Murphy giving us his view of the whole shebang.

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Murphy rarely gives interviews – he reckons that the more the audience knows about an actor, the less believable they are on screen – but he did grant one to The Guardian to promote the new series of Peaky Blinders and obviously the topic of Brexit came up. Here’s what he had to say about it:

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The Good Friday agreement was predicated on there not being a border and to think that you can hold Ireland to ransom, you can’t.

Listen, if you and I are in a club and there are 28 members of the club and I decided to leave, why would I get preferential treatment? Doesn’t make any sense.

And if Ireland is a member of that club and me leaving undermines their whole set-up and the peace they have, it doesn’t make any sense, and it’s not equitable or fair and it’s because the whole thing was sold on a bunch of misinformation.

Brexit was flawed from the outset.

It was a binary choice. There’s no nuance, you can’t put any of that into a referendum.

You can say, ‘yes, we’ll leave the EU’, but no one knew how.

I mean that’s pretty much what everyone is thinking about it and he hasn’t really added anything new to the debate there, but I suppose he’s at least articulate and succinct about it which is more than can be said of a lot of people out there wading in with their opinion on it. Thanks for that Cillian, although I doubt it’s really going to do much good.

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