Science Says Chubby Dads Are Officially More Attractive To Women (And Will Live Longer)


The return of the dadbod?

Most guys over a certain age in this country when the ‘dadbod’ craze hit last summer, but it seemed to be over before anyone could really take advantage of it.

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There’s good news though because science seems to have revitalised the ‘dadbod as a professor of anthropology at Yale University named Richard Bribiescas has written a book entitled ‘How Men Age’ which claims that older fathers with ‘a little meat on their bones’ are much more attractive to the opposite sex and have healthier immune systems that will help them outlive their fitter contemporaries. Hallelujah.

Of course, there’s a catch and that is that you have to be a dad for some reason. So you can just keep getting loaded down the pub every weekend with your mates, you’ve actually gotta knock someone up to feel the benefits of this. Apparently it’s linked to the fact that tubbier men are more likely to spend time with their kids too and have better immune systems due to lower levels of testosterone – probably because they’re not bothering to train for that Iron Man event over in North Wales next winter.

Bribiescas explains:


Men with high metabolisms were around 50 per cent more likely to die in a given year than those whose bodies burned up less energy at rest. Macho makes you sick.

The Hollywood image of the swaggering, dashing man dispatching bad guys and carrying the day conjures up a perception of indestructibility which just isn’t true.

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I’m kinda getting the image of Bribiescas as a chubby old man with a chip on his shoulder who spent a long time trying to justify how he looked to his peers and wife, but if he’s done the time then at least I can possibly think that I’ve got something to feel good about when I get old and fat (ter). Just need to make sure I get a kid ASAP as well though.

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