Guy With Ultimate Dadbod Shows You How To Dock Your Boat In The Smoothest Way Possible

Guy With Dadbod Ultimate Docking

Norway nails it with one of the sickest personal service announcements of all time.

This PSA from Norway is going viral right now and with good reason – because it’s completely and utterly dope.

It concerns docking your boat to the pier and the importance of doing this when you’re sober, as presumably there are a lot of crashes and problems over there when people have had too much to drink and attempt to dock their boats only to completely and utterly screw it up. In the PSA, a pretty normal looking family are attempting to dock their boat and completely messing it up because they’ve had a couple of glasses of wine, when this dude who looks like Will Ferrell rocks up and docks the boat in the smoothest and coolest way possible, all whilst completely rocking his dadbod like he doesn’t give a toss.

The beauty of it is that this guy looks like he’s going to be a complete clown and the family look like they will nail it, but because they’re intoxicated the roles are completely reversed. This doesn’t only serve to highlight the dangers of docking boats whilst wasted, but can also be applied to any situation were alcohol could impair your judgment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this dude turn up in a series of adverts given the success of this one. The rest of the world needs to stand up and take notice – this is how you produce a PSA that people are actually going to watch and remember and take notice of, just like Belgium did a couple of years ago with this awesomely creepy one about identity theft.

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