Christmas Card Addressed To “England” Somehow Makes It To The Right House

Card England

Unbelievable skills from the Royal Mail.

A Christmas card that some guy addressed with just “England” on the front made its way to the intended receiver.

The card was sent to Paul Biggs in Longlevens, Gloucestershire, all the way from Bitburg, Germany, which left the guy not surprisingly “stunned”. This is pretty impressive seeing as the amount of times the Royal Mail have managed to balls up and send my post to what seems like straight into a black hole.

Card Germany

What’s even madder about the story is that the Royal Mail haven’t offered much in the way of explaining how they did it and just said that its “address detectives” were renowned for their investigative skills. It hadn’t even been opened or tampered with.

In a statement Biggs said:

I was gobsmacked — I can’t believe it — it’s eerie.

It’s just got ‘England’ and sent from a sorting office in Bitburg.

Somehow making its way to the area’s local post office, a postman carried the letter with him on the rounds asking people if they were expecting something from Germany and hey presto, Biggs got his card. He was so overjoyed that he gave the postman a bottle of wine.

Ah, that musters about as much festive cheer in me as this guy who saved Christmas for his entire neighbourhood. Merry Christmas everyone!


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