This Christian Woman Talking About Monster Energy Drink Being An Instrument Of Satan Is Completely Insane

Monster Energy Drink Satan

Tool of the devil.

It’s probably no surprise to hear that the people behind Sick Chirpse aren’t exactly the most religious or Christian dudes and dudettes out there and that’s exactly why we’re sharing the video below of some batshit insane Christian woman doing a presentation about the dangers of Monster Energy drink.

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Before you @ us, we are aware that this video is a few years old but it’s been doing the rounds again recently and for some reason we’ve never featured it and it’s just that good that we had to share it with all you guys. I don’t think you really need to know any context about it, just that it’s some ridiculous Christian campaigned who seems convinced that Monster Energy drink is an instrument of Satan. She can justify it too, as you’ll see in the video below:

Wow. What a mic drop when she turns the can up and says ‘bottoms up.’

I mean I’ve gotta hand it to her because she’s a very convincing speaker and orator, it’s just a shame that everything she says is completely unjustifiable and ridiculous. It’s even more worrying that she’s spent time developing these theories and seems to be travelling around the world presenting them and 100% believes them herself.

I just never get why these small town Americans have to attach themselves to some kind of bizarre cause ignorer to feel like they justify their lives. On the one hand it’s really funny, but on the other it’s just pretty goddamn sad. So it goes.

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