This Attempt At Downing The World’s Largest Jagerbomb Goes About As Well As You Would Expect

World's Largest Jagerbomb

Goodbye liver.

You’ve gotta love these YouTube ‘stars’ who think that they’ll get famous by posting videos of them doing the dumbest shit, and whilst they might be sort of correct, the only fame they’re actually achieving is everyone thinking they’re complete morons.

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In the next installment of said videos, this dude attempts to do the world’s largest Jagerbomb by putting three cans of Monster energy drink and a whole bottle of Jagermeister into a big ass glass and downing it. The dude was fairly confident as he had downed a whole bottle of Jager with a straw in 15 seconds previously, but apparently when you add the energy drink it’s a whole different story. Enjoy:

Jesus that was a boring video and they even sped up loads of it. I guess it just goes to show that drinking that much energy drink and Jager isn’t a good idea. Who would have known? Great to see him puking and looking like he’s seriously ill at the end though. Moron.

It seems like only last week since we had another of these stupid videos. Oh wait it was, when this idiot tried to down a whole 2 litre bottle of Jack Daniel’s.


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