Astronaut Chris Hadfield Records The First Music Video In Space, Covering David Bowie’s Space Oddity To Celebrate His Return To Earth

Chris Hadfield Space Oddity

I thought Chris Hadfield was cool when I saw him do that experiment in space wringing out a cloth, but I didn’t think he was anywhere near this cool.

Chris Hadfield Space Oddity

Wow, this is pretty awesome. We featured Chris Hadfield here on Sick Chirpse a month or so ago when I wrote something about the experiment he did where he wrang out a towel in space to find out what happened to the water in it which was actually pretty cool despite sounding really boring. I didn’t really expect to ever hear his name again though after that – even though he did carry himself pretty well in that video and seemed like a good presenter and educator – so I really wasn’t expecting to wake up today and find this video of him playing guitar and singing in space.

I’m not actually sure if he’s actually playing guitar or singing but it doesn’t change the fact that this video is great and really funny. It’s basically Chris Hadfield’s last day in space as he’s handing over the reins of control of the International Space Station over to some Russian guy and heading back to Earth. So in order to celebrate this occasion he decided to record a version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity and film a music video of him singing it and playing guitar whilst floating around the space station.

And it’s completely awesome as you might expect given how Chris Hadfield made a boring science experiment completely badass in the past. This video has loads of awesome shots – like Hadfield playing guitar and looking emo while the Earth is just sitting there outside a window or him playing guitar whilst floating in zero gravity – and is just completely killer. Even Hadfield’s cover isn’t that bad. I guess when you’re in a space station all day and night there isn’t much to do so you might as well do cool stuff like science experiments and make cool music videos.

I’m kinda gutted that Chris Hadfield is leaving space and that I didn’t check out more of what he was doing up there because after this it seems obvious that he was a complete sickhead, and probably the first celebrity astronaut since Neil Armstrong, Let’s hope that he continues to do some awesome stuff back on planet Earth, although it seems like space is his niche so he might struggle.

Check out the music video here:

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