Chris Evans Accused Of Sexual Harassment By Colleague While Working At Channel 4

Say it isn’t so.

It’s been a wild few weeks in the celebrity world since Harvey Weinstein’s perviness was revealed to the world. It’s brought the whole of Hollywood to its knees (without consent). No celebrity is safe. If you’re a famous person and have ever whipped your penis out without permission or used your position of power to gain sexual favours, then you should be pretty worried right now.

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Well, a woman has now accused British national treasure (?) Chris Evans of sexually harassing her during his time working for Channel 4 in the 90s.

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The former colleague of the star claims that during the time he worked on ‘The Big Breakfast’, he behaved inappropriately towards her, having once ‘flashed his genitals’ and ‘sometimes touched himself’ during the two years they worked together, even once grabbing her boobs.

In an e-mail to BBC Director-General Lord Hall calling for an investigation, she wrote:

Often, he would walk in naked following his morning ritual of taking a bath… and sometimes touch himself. On one occasion, he grabbed my breasts.

The Radio 2 star denies the claims and says he is the victim of a witch-hunt.

MP Andrew Bridgen has accused the BBC of trying to ‘sweep these very serious allegations under the carpet’ after they released this statement:

We take these issues very seriously and are committed to dealing with matters responsibly and fairly when they are raised with us. We wouldn’t comment on individuals but the matters raised do not relate to a BBC programme and date back more than 20 years, and press reports in 2016 stated that the police investigated – including interviewing under caution – and concluded that there was insufficient evidence.

For these reasons we do not think that the BBC could have relevant information relating to the allegations made. If an individual has information that might change the police’s judgement, then that would be a matter to raise directly with them.


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It’s a tricky one. On one had of course you have to take these sort of allegations seriously but on the other  hand there’s bound to be some people out there devious enough to fabricate a story whether for the attention or because of a personal vendetta. So I don’t think we should brand Chris Evans a sleazebag just yet, but we shouldn’t completely rule it out either.

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