Chris Evans Breaks His Silence Over The Terrible ‘Top Gear’ Reviews

Chris Evans Top Gear

He sounds a bit butthurt here.

Most people who tuned into ‘Top Gear’ last night seem to have had the same impression of it – it was pretty dogshit and Chris Evans was a terrible presenter just trying to do an impression of Jeremy Clarkson for the duration of the show.

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This probably isn’t really that surprising considering how almost universally loved the old version of the show was. It was inevitable there were going to be some teething problems in the changeover, but I don’t think anyone was really prepared for the scale of the backlash that the show received. It was so serious that even Chris Evans himself got involved, taking to Twitter to defend the show’s performance today:

Alright mate calm down – sounds like he’s a bit worked up there doesn’t he? Even though his argument is sound, it doesn’t really make any sense in this context because while what he’s saying is fact, the bad reviews that he’s been getting are based around people’s opinions and that’s a completely different way of rating something.

So yeah, it might be a fact that a lot of people tuned in, but it’s also a fact that a lot of people thought you were a dickhead and shit. Unlucky mate. At least everyone who works at ‘Top Gear’ doesn’t hate you as well. Oh wait.


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