Transgender YouTuber Chris Chan Arrested After Admitting Having Sex With Her 80-Year-Old Mum


I’d seen this story doing the rounds the last couple days but avoided the details because it sounded so disturbing, but after watching a video of YouTuber Chris Chan being arrested and escorted out of their apartment, I decided to look into it and hoo boy is this one f*cked up tale.

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Chris Chan, whose full name is Christine Weston Chandler,  is the creator of web series Sonichu; a Sonic the Hedgehog/Pikachu hybrid she came up with.

Chris, who is autistic, built up an online following and eventually announced that she was going through gender dysmorphia. In 2016, she underwent a procedure to remove her testicles, changed her name to Christine, legally changed her gender, and came out as transgender and bisexual (via Netline).

Last Friday, an 8-minute recording was posted on Kiwi Farms, a forum dedicated to discussing internet personalities. In the recording, Chandler tells a friend about having sexual interactions with her 80-year-old dementia-suffering mother, Barbara. Be warned – it’s seriously f*cking gross, as you can imagine:

These text communications also started doing the rounds…

Sure enough this all spread like wildfire around the internet and it wasn’t long before police were notified. Here they are turning up at Chris Chan’s apartment and escorting her away for questioning…

If found guilty, Chris faces up to ten years in prison.

As for 80-year-old Barbara, she was taken to a hospital and issued a temporary Emergency Protective Order that bars Chris from entering the family home. In fact Chris is not allowed to contact her mother at all.

It turns out Barbara was actually one of the most-loved characters on Chris Chan’s YouTube channel. Apparently nothing ever seemed ‘off’ about their relationship. From the outside, Chris appeared to be a model son/daughter just taking care of her ailing mother…

Like you, I really miss who I was about 20 minutes ago before I knew the details about this disgusting case. I lived a life full of blissful ignorance where I didn’t even know who Chris Chan was, let alone that she’s been shagging her demented octogenarian mother. It’s definitely one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever written about on Sick Chirpse, which is saying something.

It could be that Chris Chan is some weird fantasist who made this all up for attention, but who knows? It’s not looking good, given that she’s been arrested and her mum’s been taken into protective custody. We’ll have to see how it plays out. In the meantime, I’m going to go look for some brain bleach. Cheers.

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