Chris Brown vs. Soulja Boy Is Going To Be The Celebrity Boxing Match Of The Year


Floyd Mayweather’s even getting involved.

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have been embroiled in one of the lamest internet beefs of all time recently, and it turns out that it might all be a front to help promote some kind of celebrity boxing match that they’re both involved in, according to recent posts on both of their Instagram accounts.

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According to Soulja Boy, the fight is going to go down in Las Vegas in March and will be on PPV, and he’s being paid $1,000,000 for the opportunity. Floyd Mayweather is promoting the event and is also apparently training Soulja for it too:

Cool MS Paint poster there bro. Nice resolution on both of your faces too. Anyway, this might just seem like a massive joke, but Soulja Boy then posted some videos of him hanging out with Floyd Mayweather talking about how much money they had (legit). Then Chris Brown posted the following video where he talked about how they were going to set up this fight:

Right. This whole situation is so stupid already. Maybe they’re just doing this to make a shit ton of money and then safely box each other out to a draw.

Would make a lot of sense, but I feel like they probably already have enough money between them and it seems like they really hate each other. Whether the fight actually happens or not is another thing entirely.

Soulja Boy seems to be losing it lately via his social media accounts – did you see him trawling around the hood and getting involved in a fight yesterday? Very weird behaviour.


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