Chinese Dude Kisses Angry Policeman On The Lips, Proceeds To Get Battered

Pro tip – don’t kiss a Chinese policeman on the lips.

The story goes that the man in this video, identified only by his surname Huang, was illegally running a roadside food stall in Liuzhou City, China, so police turned up to arrest him after some grass tipped them off.

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Huang wasn’t about to go easy though, but just when things looked like they could turn violent, I guess he thought planting a smacker on an angry policeman’s lips could help diffuse the situation.

Here’s how that turned out for him:

Not the wisest move really was it? Several people came to Huang’s rescue, throwing stools and other things at the officers. One guy even had a fly-swatter. In the end though, Huang was arrested and taken into custody.

Almost as inadvisable as randomly running up to a policeman and pushing him into a bush, like this girl in Australia did.


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