Here’s The Moment A Woman Was Arrested For Running Up To A Police Man And Dashing Him Into A Bush

This is the girl you want playing ‘Truth or Dare’ with you.

No idea what this girl over in Melbourne, Australia was thinking here, but it looks like it was funny while it lasted.

Police officer Steven Cooper was waiting to be interviewed for TV at the Melbourne Cup when this girl just ran up to him from out of nowhere and dashed him backwards into a bush. She was them promptly dragged off and arrested by his buddies:

Apparently a nearby camera crew told her to do it as a joke, which is all well and good except that excuse has ever worked in any situation whatsoever.

Superintendent Cooper was uninjured, but he did break his reading glasses in the fall. Gutted mate.

She just walked up to me. I thought ‘what she doing’ is she just coming to say hello or something, then clearly not.

There were 6 other arrests at the Melbourne Cup, for trespassing and being drunk.

Definitely a girl you want playing Truth or Dare with you, though we know that game often ends in tears.


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