Chinese Factories Cut Corners By Selling ‘Rice’ Made Out Of Shredded Plastic (VIDEO)


That can’t be good for you.

The footage below claims to show proof that factories in China have been using white pieces of scrap plastic to pass on as rice.

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In the clip you can see the worker feeding a shredding machine with masses of plastic, which it grinds up into small, rice-sized pieces. The rumour that China has been making fake rice has been circulated in the country’s media for years. However, now a journalist at the Blue Ocean Network allegedly has exposed this idea by showing that Wuchang rice is mostly fake. Shocker.

The reports state that the rice is made from a mixture of potatoes and plastic that looks very much like actual rice. It is then mixed with a very small amount of the real deal and sprayed with a scent to make it smell legitimate. One report from back in 2011 even claimed:

Eating three bowls of plastic rice is the same as eating one vinyl bag.

Well that certainly looks like what it purports to be doesn’t it? If this is the case, then that’s completely disgusting that a food company would have such a disregard for its customers’ health. Then again, this wouldn’t be the first time China has pulled a few tricks with regards to culinary cover ups.


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