This Chinese Dad Is The Biggest Baller In The Whole Arcade

Chinese Dad Best Baller

Skill level 100 – he never misses a basket.

Everyone dreams of one day taking their girl/guy to the amusement arcade and being so completely and utterly sick at all the games that you get the one million tickets that you need in order to get anything even resembling a good prize to cash in and give to them, but the reality of the matter is that very few of us will ever be anywhere near good enough to even dream about such a feat.

The same can’t be said for this old Chinese dad who has the best basketball shooting technique I have ever seen – he simply doesn’t miss AND shoots rapid-fire one handed with each hand. His technique is absolutely incredible and he gets about 300 more points than the people standing next to him.

The best part of the video though is att he end where he just nonchalantly picks up his plastic bag – ballin’ – and walks off like its no big deal, without even bothering to grab his tickets. Player play.

Is he as good as the greatest basketball trick shot of all time though?


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