Chinese Cops Are Now Wearing Robocop Style Helmets To Help Them Spot Coronavirus Patients

The future is now.

As if the whole Coronavirus pandemic couldn’t get even more crazy and bizarre, we’ve now got Chinese cops wearing special helmets that can detect Coronavirus patients within crowds more easily.

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The new helmets kinda look like something out of Robocop, as they’re placed over the head of the policeman and then use their camera function to detect the body temperature of anyone within a five metre radius. Those infected with Coronavirus are likely to have a body temperature of over 37.3 degrees and these are highlighted by the mask as a small screen is places over the user’s eye that enables them to lock onto their target within a crowd.

If your body temperature is a normal 36.4 degrees, the helmet will bleat out an announcement saying the following:

Maximum body temperature is 36.4 degrees Celsius, please pass.

Jesus, that sounds a bit futuristic and authoritarian doesn’t it? Like something out of the actual movie ‘Robocop’ or ‘Blade Runner’ or something. I suppose that might be what China needs right now to try and stop the spread of this dastardly Coronavirus though.

In addition to this, the helmet also has the ability to measure someone’s body temperature in milliseconds and record the temperature of over 200 people in less than two minutes. So in effect this does mean it can do the work of five or six regular works and probably is worth implementing in a crisis the scale of this one.

Just a shame that it’s kinda scary though enit? Needs must though I suppose.

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