There’s A Chinese Game Show Where Women Compete To See Who Can Jerk A Guy Off Fastest (NSFW)

Absolutely bizarre.

A couple of years back we brought you the Japanese game show ‘Orgasm Wars’ which featured gay men trying to get straight men off by any means possible and more recently another Japanese show where guys were jerked off whilst they tried to sing.

Now, the Chinese have come up with their own variation, although it’s not quite as risque as the Japanese versions as it only features two men being jerked off by women in a race to see who can climax the fastest. I’m not really sure why that’s regarded as an achievement, but maybe they do things differently over there, I dunno.

Aside from the very premise of the show, there’s also a lot of really weird things going on in it:

– The men are simply picked up off the street in order to ‘compete’.

– The women only jerk them off, despite going down on their knees in front of them which is the perfect blow job position. I’m pretty sure it’s not the best angle to jack someone off at as well.

– There’s a really crappy pop punk guitar track playing in the background that sounds like something you might write when you’re 16.

– The guys have to face each other and look at each other whilst this process is going on, which is surely enough to put any straight guy off when they’re trying to have an orgasm.

Despite that obstacle, one of the guys does manage to finish (pretty quickly too, although it’s probably edited pretty well) to the delight of the girl tugging his chain, whereas the guy who didn’t manage to blow his load is widely ridiculed. Bizarro world or what?

I’m kind of thinking this must be some kind of parody because it’s so ridiculous but it does exist so someone either went to a hell of a lot of effort to prank everyone or it really is out there somewhere. If anyone can read Chinese and wants to translate it for us let us know.

Also, don’t be scared to watch it because everything goes on behind a screen, so you can’t see anything. In fact when you think about it, they could be faking the whole thing really as there isn’t even any proof that the two guys in the competition even have dicks, let alone that they’re being jerked off and brought to climax.

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