You Can Now Chill Out Your Cats And Dogs With These Specially Made Pet Films

Petflix and chill.

Right now is the most stressful time of year for your pet cats or dogs. What with Diwali and Bonfire Night, there are fireworks popping off all over the place. For a majority of the country’s city dwellers, the night sky is filled with gun powder and explosions.

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Research shows that 82% of the UK’s cats and dogs get stressed out by fireworks. This is because animals have an incredibly sensitive sense of hearing. As a result, Felix and Rover find the autumn months rather traumatic.

That’s why MORE THAN Pet Insurance decided to come up with a couple of movies that are designed to calm the nerves of our pooches and kitties. And they’ve enlisted the help of David Tennant to narrate.

The insurance company, who worked closely with animal behaviourist Karen Wild and vet Robert White-Adams, developed ‘Woofering Heights’ and ‘Peer Window’. These movies use techniques that are designed to relax cats and dogs including looping scenes of fish, swaying trees, rain droplets and rippling water.

‘Peer Window’ is set entirely within a window frame to reflect a cat’s habit of staring out the window, while ‘Woofering Heights’ (that name is too much) has a cast of sedentary dogs and includes slow moving scenery to calm the dogs down. It is all shot in a pooch’s colour spectrum of blue and yellows.

To benefit from the calming effects of these movies, you just have to show your pet the footage a number of times each day. Then during a stressful period such as fireworks night, just stick the film on and they’ll be chilling.

This is just too much cute for me to handle right now. At first I thought it was a joke, but there are legitimate testimonials of users online who rate the films and confirm they’re effective. So if you’ve got a stressed out pup, just chuck on one of the films (which you can find on YouTube) and have a night of ‘Petflix and Chill’.

You could even team it up with a couple of glasses of pet wine to make the evening even more relaxing.


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