The Chilean Miners: Where Are They Now?

What happened to the Chilean miners after their ordeal? Happy, healthy and loaded right? Wrong. Quite the reverse I’m afraid.

To most people’s shock and disgust, in August 2013, a prosecutor closed an investigation into the mine collapse saying there were no grounds to prosecute the owners. Despite the fact that the mine had no second exit tunnel, which is illegal, and that a chimney which could have been used as an escape shaft for the men had no ladder in it. I’d say that’s grounds enough surely?

Chile Miners 33 - Flags

Most miners are still fighting a civil law suit but are well aware that’s going to be a long, long battle. The government had promised them all a pension, but only 16 actually received one. On top of all that, the water they were drinking from the underground tanks rotted their teeth so the government promised them free dental care. Do you think they got it? Nope.

A Hollywood film is being made based on their accounts of what went on and have promised the miners a cut of the box office cash. But that is likely to be too little too late.

So after promises of healthcare, pensions and a large pay out they have ended up penniless and sick. The moral of the story? Don’t get stuck in a mine in Chile.

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