Child Killer Jon Venables ‘To Be Sent Abroad For A New Life At Your Expense’

Sensible way to spend money.

Jon Venables is one of the most notorious murderers in British history and there’s been significant controversy over the fact that he’s been let out of prison under a new identity to get on with his life and still managed to reoffend multiple times.

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Venables is currently serving time in prison about child pornography images were discovered on his computer and it’s believed that officials are preparing to allow him to start a new life in Canada, Australia or the US after he is released because it’s said to be costing them a fortune to keep giving him new identities every time he is outed by a member of the public. It’s estimated that this has happened at least five or six times since his initial release.

Here’s what a source told The Daily Star:

Venables is costing a fortune. They thinking is that it would be cheaper to get rid of him abroad than keep forking out.

It cost them £65,000 to try and keep his latest identity a secret and it didn’t even work.

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Hmmm. Couple of things to take from that are that it’s probably a good idea that if the government are insistent on keeping Venables’ identity a secret then they may as well send him to another country if it’s going to save them some money and hopefully make him the problem of that country’s government rather than ours? I get that that probably seems like a reward given his behaviour, but it’s probably a better idea to just get rid of him and stop spending money on him, right?

The other thing that’s crazy about it is that it cost £65,000 to give him a new identity. I would question what this has actually gone on, but we’re actually told that as well with Venables’ lawyers receiving £8,100 and government lawyers receiving close to £57,300. Not sure what exactly they’re doing to command these fees or who is paying them, but at least it’s slightly cleared up hey? Must be a real sweet gig being a government lawyer on the Jon Venables case hey.

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