Two Men Got Brutally Beaten & Robbed In A Wild Fight On Chicago’s State Street The Other Night (VIDEO)

Brutal stuff.

There’s a section of River North over in Chicago that has apparently turned into an absolute lawless sh*thole these last few years, according to people who live round there. CCTV footage from the area this past weekend seems to support that theory.

Be warned – it’s a fairly uncomfortable watch:

Brutal. Especially the second victim who appears to have found himself in one of the worse cases of “wrong time, wrong place” I have ever seen. What an absolute nightmare. Where are the police, you ask? Well, according to CWBChicago:

But slow responses are the new normal under strategies deployed by CPD Supt. David Brown, whose master plan has stripped local police districts of officers. The 18th District, which includes River North, currently has just 351 cops assigned to work its streets, according to Chicago’s Office of the Inspector General. That’s the fewest number of officers since November 2017, and it’s 15% lower than the 416 cops who worked there when Brown took command of the department in April 2020.

Hmm, not sure this whole ‘defund the police’ thing is working out too great across the pond. Certainly as far as the two victims in this video are concerned. Think I’ll be crossing Chicago off my list of ‘cities I’d like to visit before I die’ after watching this one.

For more street shenanigans, get a load of this dude forcing 2 car jackers to fight each other after they got caught trying to steal his car. That’s one way of dealing with it, I suppose.


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