Chet Hanks Has Signed To Soulja Boy’s New Record Label As A Rapper

Dream team.

Tom Hanks’ son Chet has to be one of the dumbest people in history as there’s absolutely no reason why he should be famous or why we should be interested in what he’s doing, but he’s always popping up doing stupid shit and we lap it all up like the idiots that we are.

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The latest happening with Chet is that he’s decided to become a rapper – this isn’t that surprising considering he’s always emanated massive wigger energy and has a couple of songs out already – and he’s decided to team up with Soulja Boy of all people to make this happen. Apparently the pair of them are working on an album alongside superproducer and Mel B’s ex husband Stephen Belafonte to make the situation even more ridiculous.

Obviously this collaboration was all announced in an Instagram post which you can see below:


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That’s a stupid video isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m sure you’re all as excited about hearing what these two viral superstars can come up with in the near future because they’re both experts at getting your attention with ridiculous japes, so I imagine their joint effort with be something as revolutionary as ‘Crank That White Boy Summer’ with a corresponding dumb dance routine to match. It’s only a matter of time and sadly I have to admit that I’m here for it.

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