Chet Hanks Has Defended His Use Of A Jamaican Accent, Even Though He’s Not Jamaican

Give it a rest Chet.

Chet Hanks is undoubtedly one of the weirdest people out there trying to make a name for himself on the internet and it seems like one of his tactics to try and achieve this objective was to speak in a faux Jamaican accent because black culture really speaks to him, you know?

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Anyway, Hanks has obviously come under fire for this because of the whole cultural appropriation of an oppressed people thing, but this hasn’t caused him to educate himself about why people might be offended by him doing this and how it could be considered very bad. Instead, he’s decided to speak on a social media app called Clubhouse about why it’s OK for him to continue to do it because it’s coming from a place of love:

I talk with a Jamaican accent in the same way that someone watches an English film and then starts saying stuff like “‘Eh, give me a latte, Govna,” in a Cockney accent.

It’s not coming from a place of like, ‘Oh, I’m going to sh*t on these people.

You know what I mean?

I understand that English people weren’t oppressed.

I’m not trying to offend anybody. I’m aware of the history. I’m aware of that.

I mean it seems like if he was aware of the history and all the negative press that he was generating by doing it, then it would make more sense for him to just stop doing it instead of making a stand for whatever he’s trying to prove here, but I guess that’s just Chet Hanks isn’t it? He doesn’t do what other people tell him to do and if people are pissed off at him doing a Jamaican accent then fuck ’em. I guess you can act like that when your dad is one of the biggest actors of all time and you exude white privilege.

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