Cheryl Cole Made A Gross Sex Confession During The Brits Last Night

Cheryl Cole

Too much information.

The Brit Awards is hardly the raucous event it used to be back in the day where anything could happen, but I’m sure a bunch of you tuned in last night to see Kendrick Lamar’s set get screwed up, Damon Albarn deliver a pissed up speech and Stormzy absolutely smash the place.

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Despite the fact that those were a few of the highlights, one of the cringiest moments of the show came when presenter Jack Whitehall interview Liam and Cheryl Cole (or whatever her surname is now). Liam’s new song is featured on the soundtrack to the new Fifty Shades Of Grey movie, and Whitehall couldn’t resist asking the couple about whether they had a kinky sex life.

Watch Cheryl crash and burn with her answer below:

Ewww that is so gross, and also doesn’t really make any sense when you think about it. It’s not even really that funny either, even if Liam seemed to be laughing his ass off about it.

Just another classic moment of car crash television from the Brits really as Jack Whitehall eagerly calls for a commercial break. Props to Este Haim in the background though making some dumb gestures. What an absolute babe.

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