Footage Of Chelsea Fans Trashing Munich Restaurant In 2012 Emerges And It Is The Absolute Worst

This will make you (even more) ashamed to be a Chelsea fan.

Everyone remembers Chelsea fans making total dicks of themselves on the Paris Metro last season, but I didn’t realise they caused such mayhem in the lead-up to the 2012 Champions League final against Bayern Munich in 2012.

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Someone shared this clip on Reddit earlier and while I’ve no idea why they waited four years to do it, I’m glad they did because hopefully now the Germans can use this footage to ban any of these punks from watching football in Germany ever again:

I just can’t wrap my head around why fully grown men would behave like that anywhere, let alone on someone else’s doorstep. There’s literally no good reason for it. Seriously though, where’s the CS spray at? Where the hell are the police water cannons at?

Personally, I’ve got no issue when hooligans beat the crap out of each other. Leave the quaint restaurants out of it.


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