Check Out This Anti Vaxxer Likening Vaccinated People To Nazis In Deranged Rant

This guy needs to calm down.

I can understand that there are a few valid reasons why people may not want to receive the vaccine but I don’t really understand the hatred that some anti vaxxers have for the vaccinated and I definitely don’t get why they’re comparing them to Nazis, but here we are again with another deranged rant..

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This one comes out of San Diego after a guy decided to speak at the San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday regarding his opinions. He proceeded to go on a massive rant about vaccine passports, comparing the whole prospect to fascism and Nazism, before presumably going home and ripping a bong and whacking on some P.O.D. or American Headcharge:

Jesus. Do you think that guy is a big wrestling fan as well because he definitely had the same energy of someone like Jericho or The Rock delivering a promo? Kinda has the right kind of look to be a major heel as well.

Should probably go into that rather than heading down to town meetings and spouting all this bollocks. Definitely isn’t helping anyone, even himself. Get into the ring instead dude, go for it.

For more of the same, check out this story about an anti vaxxer who cut off his testicles to remove a tracker. Obviously very concerning.


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