Wolverhampton Chav Picks Fight With Man On Train, Gets Dealt With By Polish Passengers (VIDEO)

You love to see it.

A passenger who launched a foul-mouth rant and threatened to fight people on a West Midlands train got dealt beautifully by a pair of passengers who’d had enough of his ranting and raving.

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This chavvy twat was doing everything he could to goad the other passenger into a fight, despite the poor guy making it clear he wasn’t interested. In the end, it was up to a pair of Polish passengers to step in and save the day:

You love to see it. OK the footage cuts out a bit too early so for all we know this skinny chav singlehandedly battered those two Poles, but I’d wager it was probably the other way round. “Wypierdalaj kurwa” (get the fuck out) has never sounded so beautiful.

In fact if you look at this chap’s face before and after they approach him, you can pinpoint the exact moment his arse fell out:

Just goes to show there’s always someone bigger and badder than you waiting round the corner. Lesson learned!

According to The Mirror, British Transport Police confirmed a man has been arrested in connection with the incident and has been brought in for questioning.

For footage of a London taxi driver knocking out an abusive passenger without even laying hands on him, click HERE. Expertly done.


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