London Taxi Driver Knocks Out Annoying Passenger By Slamming The Brakes (VIDEO)

Should have been wearing his seat-belt.

The worst kind of fare a cabbie can get comes in the early hours of the weekend when you get drunk idiots like the guy in this video. But was the taxi driver’s reaction to this abusive passenger’s behaviour justified?

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The cabbie picks the man up in central London but it seems there is a disagreement about the quickest/best route to take to the man’s destination. The cabbie reminds him that it doesn’t really matter because he’s paying a fixed fare, so it’s not like he’s trying to scam him. The passenger keeps going on about it anyway, and then this happens (around 20 seconds in):

Welp, should have been wearing his seatbelt for a start. Still seems a bit of an overreaction by the cabbie if you ask me though. I mean he definitely knew what he was doing. Spotted the guy wasn’t wearing his seatbelt, had enough of his lip so just slammed the brakes and let physics do the rest.

But while it might’ve been a total dick move, the way he casually dumps the guy on the side of the road and accepts a new fair is pure comedy:

No word on if the driver is getting into any sort of trouble for this but he can’t be too bothered since he shared the footage online. Maybe just ask the guy to get out of your cab next time though.

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