Missing Cleveland Teens Found After 10 Years; Hero Describes Events Regarding Her Discovery In Hilarious And Slightly Racist Interview



Charles Ramsey

This is a really great story for more than one reason. First of all, the fact that these girls who have been missing for ten years and have been found is undeniably awesome, but secondly this TV interview is solid gold and great television. It’s almost certainly going to be autotuned or remixed (edit – I already found an autotuned version of his 911 call, and people on the video are actually suggesting listening to it with Forgot About Dre playing in the background, so I’m sure a version of that will appear before too long) and will end up going viral like that ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’ video or the one about the rapist/intruder getting in bed with people that was big a couple of years ago.

Anyway, before I discuss the interview I should probably actually tell you about what happened because it’s pretty awesome. Well, the resolution is, perhaps not what actually happened for ten years before it. Basically the dude in the video, who goes by the name of Charles Ramsey was chilling eating his McDonald’s  (you just knew this interview was going to be good when he started it off saying that) when he heard some woman screaming from the house next door. He went over there and helped her out of the door – it was jammed shut or something – and that was when she revealed that she was Amanda Berry.

Amanda Berry was a girl who went missing in Cleveland about ten years ago as she was coming home from her job at Burger King. She was 16 years old at the time and hasn’t been heard from since until now. She immediately called 911 and informed the cops that there were another two girls held captive in the house, one being Gina DeJesus who had been missing for 9 years and was 14 at the time of her abduction and the other being Michelle Knight, who went missing in 2002. A 6 year old girl was also found in the house and it’s believed that she is Amanda Berry’s daughter, although this hasn’t been reported on all news networks yet so I’m not 100% sure if it’s the truth at this point.

Three men have been arrested so far although no information has been released over what they will be charged with or over what has been going on in the house. I’m sure this will come to light in the coming weeks and months though and I can only really guess how horrific it probably is. I mean, it isn’t hard to figure out what three old men might kidnap three young girls for is it, and it makes me sick. As if that isn’t bad enough to steal ten years (or more) of their lives just makes it about a thousand times worse. The three men have been identified as the owner of the house Ariel Castro who is 51 and his two brothers – who don’t live at the house – who’s names and ages have not yet been released to the public. Grim.

Anyway, enough of that depressing shit, that isn’t what Sick Chirpse is all about. The whole incident has been (slightly) brightened thanks to this interview with Charles Ramsey, who pretty much acts exactly how you might expect a black man from Cleveland to act (cue racist trolling). His interview is so full of jive talking observations – “I used to BBQ with that guy all the time, they’re ain’t nothing special about him. Until now that is!” – and a kinda bleak but more ironic stereotypical racist outlook – ‘When a little pretty white girl runs into a black man’s arms, something is wrong here” – that makes you want to laugh out loud throughout the whole segment, despite the upsetting subject matter.

Despite how funny this is and everything, you gotta remember that Charles Ramsey is a hero for helping Amada Berry get free. Hopefully the very fact that his interview IS so funny will help people remember his role in this incident, and not just for some stupid meme or autotuned video that will go viral in the next couple of days. Here’s hoping but I doubt it. Still, at least he’ll be remembered for something I guess.

Check it out below, I also added an autotuned version of his 911 call and an autotuned version of the actual interview that have just dropped as people try to monetise their YouTube accounts as quickly as possible. I’m not really into that whole autotune thing but figured it needed to be included, I think the interview itself is a lot better personally.

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