Charles Bronson Is Now A Lord After His Son Bought Him A Title

Lord Charles Arthur Salvador.

Charles Bronson is the UK’s most notorious prisoner and it seems like he can get up to more from behind bars than I can in my regular life after it was revealed that he has now become a Lord.

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This was all down to this son George Barmby, who decided to spend £79.99 on a piece of land in Galloway, Scotland that came with a Lordship that means that Bronson’s name is now officially Lord Charles Arthur Salvador. Here’s what Barmby said about it all:

It just started out as a joke. Dad was looking at land to buy for when he gets out.

I saw an advert saying he could buy a tiny patch of land in west Scotland and get a title.

He absolutely loved the idea of it, and the fact that people would have to call him ‘Lord’.

When he told the screws they didn’t believe him, so when the document came through they put it up in his cell for him.

Some of them call him that now for a laugh – and he is loving it.

Sounds like he’s having a right laugh in jail there doesn’t it? Thought these places were supposed to be hellholes so that people wouldn’t want to end up in them, but it sounds like the guards are just having a right laugh with Bronson every day hey? Alright for some I suppose.

For more of the same, check out this rare footage showing him get disqualified in a boxing match after becoming super violent. Guy definitely had a screw loose.


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