Channing Tatum Goes On Bizarre Rant About ‘Pattern’ App & Believes It’s Eavesdropping On His Therapy Sessions

Magic Mike meltdown.

Most people are wise to the fact that our smartphones, apps and electronic devices are capable of listening in on us and are tailoring adverts and content based on audio they pick up when you’re speaking into or around them.

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Amazon even admitted recently that it pays its employees to listen to your conversations through Alexa.

Well it looks like Hollywood A-lister Channing Tatum has just experienced this sort of thing first-hand through the astrology/personality app ‘Pattern’ and he is not happy about it all.

No word on if the people at Pattern have DM’d Channing Tatum like he requested but weirdly, they did reply to his Tweet with these two emojis:

I guess they must be pretty chuffed about all the free publicity he’s just given them (in fact the app crashed minutes after he sent out the Tweet) but those emojis don’t really answer his question(s). I mean listening in on your private conversations is bad enough but realising an app has been recording and taking advantage of your therapy sessions has to be pretty terrifying. I guess we know what topic he’ll be covering with his therapist next time.

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