Channel 4 ‘Eden’ Contestants Admit To ‘Bullying’ During Live TV Interview

Channel 4 Eden

Paradise Lost.

Last week we reported on the Channel 4 show ‘Eden’ which saw 23 strangers living in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands for a year.

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The show was supposed to be a social experiment where the contestants created a new way of living. However, instead of creating a paradise, bulling and hunger led to the division of the group and the show allegedly descended into chaos. It was originally cut from TV after just four episodes, although the stars of the show continued living obliviously off-grid until they were sent home earlier this year.

Now Channel 4 is bringing back the show under a new title ‘Eden: Paradise Lost’, which will be different to what was originally intended, aiming to show the contestants as they reverted to their “basic instincts”.

Now three of the contestants have appeared on ‘Good Morning Britain’ to discuss their time on the show. Although they admitted that reports of sexism and misogyny are untrue, they have said that there was “bullying”.

Anton Wright told Jeremy Kyle and Kate Garraway that he didn’t expect everything to be totally fine, but he was, “shocked by some of the behaviour”. Another participant, Katie Tunn, said that the show, “brought out the worst in people”.

The remaining ten members of the group stayed in the remote camp until March this year. Eight of the original group had already left by September 2016, including the camp’s two doctors, a paramedic and a fisherman. Allegedly those who left were driven out by hunger, tiredness and boredom as well as cynicism to the show’s concept.

Although the filming took an entire year, only nine episodes will be shown, including the four that aired in 2016. ‘Eden: Paradise Lost’ will start airing today (Monday 7th August) on Channel 4 at 9pm. Be sure to check it out.

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