Watch Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Drummer Chad Smith Storm Off Stage After A Fan Yells Will Ferrell At Him

Chad Smith

Obviously isn’t taking the comparison too well.

It’s kind of annoying having a celebrity lookalike, especially if you yourself are a celebrity and the lookalike isn’t particularly somebody you want to look like.

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That must be really hard work and we can see how it’s affected Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith in the video below. Will Ferrell did a famous skit once where he dressed up as Smith, and it seems to have followed him around like a bad smell wherever he goes.

Smith was playing at some jam thing with a bunch of other musicians over the weekend, when someone in the crowd shouted Will Ferrell at him. His reaction to this is pretty strong and kinda strange, to say the least:

That was really weird. Like it seemed like he was really mad to begin with – hence storming off stage – but then when he came back on stage it seemed like he was gonna kick the dude out but then just told a really weird story which seemed like he was still pretty angry about it as well? Really weird reaction but I suppose at least he didn’t throw a diva strop and throw anyone out right?

For more storming off stage, check out Neck Deep attacking some security guards at a show in Rock City. Bit of a different vibe there.


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