Calls For ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ To Be Banned Over Last Night’s Repulsive Lap Dance (VIDEO)

Lap dance

It’s enough to put you off sex for life.

The latest round of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ has not long been on the air and already Channel 5 has received a buttload of complaints over its explicit content.

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Surprise, surprise, the main culprit is one of the girls from ‘Geordie Shore’ called Chloe Ferry. Just the other day she got told off for rubbing her bare arse up against Jedward’s John Grimes. Clearly she didn’t get the message as last night saw her give the poor kid what looks like one of the sloppiest lap dances the world has ever seen, leading to even more complaints from disgusted viewers:

Blimey. That’s enough to put you off your dinner. On the plus side, at least she’s got her underwear on this time.

Although people have said they want the show banned, if Chloe Khan can get away with having her nipples sucked on it, then unfortunately a lap dance isn’t going to be enough. Give it time though people, give it time.


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