Celebrity Big Brother Hit With Complaints Over Last Night’s ‘Sex Abuse’ Scene (VIDEO)

Controversy in the CBB house… again.

I’m sure many of you haven’t really been paying too much attention to the recent series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. Neither have we to be honest but it’s always funny when some sort of controversy pops up, which seems to happen fairly frequently with the latest rounds.

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This time it involves Chloe Ferry – she’s one of the girls from ‘Geordie Shore’ so of course she was going to stir up some sort of drama. Last night, viewers were left horrified after she decided to grind her naked butt against Jedward’s John Grimes. The poor dude seems pretty bemused, if a little traumatised:

OK, so it’s pretty grim, but some people online are going as far to say that it was sexual abuse. Here are some of the angry reactions:

Whoopsie. Still, I’m sure that no action will be taken for her revolting behaviour – far worse happened in last year’s CBB.


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