CeeLo Green Got Thrown Off A Horse While Entering A Nightclub (VIDEO)

That back-fired.

Whether you’re a fan of CeeLo Green or not, I think we can all appreciate a video of him getting launched off a horse as tries to enter a hip hop nightclub in style.

It’s probably the last place any horse wants to be, so no wonder it couldn’t wait to get CeeLo off its back and get the hell out of there:

Apparently this took place at a rapper named Shawty Lo’s birthday party, and upon Googling this rapper I found he actually died in a car accident in 2016? How can CeeLo Green be at Shawty Lo’s birthday party if he died 7 years ago? Yup, you guessed it – it’s an old video that for some reason has only just surfaced now and is going viral all these years later. Come on internet, slacking massively there.

Well anyway, here’s hoping CeeLo had a good time aside from looking like he wanted to fight the horse once he’d got back to his feet. Although he still had that classic CeeLo Green smile on his face throughout. I would too if I was still raking in the cheques from this track…

For the extremely dodgy Tweets that derailed CeeLo’s career, click HERE. Cancelled before it was cool.


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