CCTV Footage Of Jihadist’s AK47 Jamming While Pointed At Woman’s Head In Paris Attack

Paris Terror Attacks Footage

This might be upsetting viewing for some.

Following the Paris terror attacks on Friday, the Daily Mail has obtained CCTV footage of one of the jihadists opening fire with an AK47 on a Paris cafe on Friday night.

The video not only captures the moment the peaceful tranquility of the cafe was shattered, but also goes on for another minute as customers desperately scramble, hide and try to help each other escape the gunman. Nobody inside was actually killed, but a number of people on the surrounding street weren’t so lucky, although you don’t actually see any of that in the video.

There’s one particularly harrowing part where you see the terrorist put his gun to the head of a woman outside, only for it to jam, sparing her life (9:34 and 42 secs). The Daily Mail are calling her ‘the luckiest woman alive’ and they might not be wrong about that one.

As you might imagine, the footage is very distressing and disturbing so if you’re likely to get freaked out by that then please don’t watch it.

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Words fail me for once – that’s absolutely shocking and awful footage and I hope that nothing like that ever happens again. Unfortunately we all know that it probably will.

Let’s hope that Anonymous can build on their already extensive attacks on ISIS and really shut down their capability to pull anything like this off ever again.


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