The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Will Be A Millionaire By The End Of The Year

Danielle Bregoli

What a time to be alive.

There have been several meme-made celebrities to have emerged into the mainstream over the last couple of years.

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When this happens, it’s always important to play your cards right. Ken Bone is a good example of what not to do. He came across as so desperate to rinse his 15 minutes that he only got 15 minutes. Salt Bae on the other hand has managed to build himself a mini-empire off his new found fame.

But I think the queen of the memes has to be ‘Cash Me Outside’ girl AKA Danielle Bregoli. She has done such a good job of self-promotion since her bizarre interview on ‘Dr. Phil’ and has used her bad attitude to her benefit.

As a result, she’s already making a mind-blowing $40,000 for appearances at private parties and amazingly, Celebrity Net Worth (CNW) has forecasted that this 13-year-old could be a millionaire by the end of this year.

CNW published an article where they describe a potential financial pathway for Bregoli, which could put her in the top 5% of the wealthiest people in the nation before she can even legally drive a car. It’s not fair. Here’s what they say:

Bregoli has made the most of her newfound fame, cashing in on every opportunity that comes her way. For example, the teen is doing paid product placements on Instagram for Fit Tea and Postmates; and the placements are doing very well. Her Fit Tea video has been viewed a whopping 6.7 million times. Celebrities who have Bregoli’s following on Instagram can easily make up to $100,000 a month on product ads, and as much as $50,000 on a single post.

In addition to product placements, Bregoli is also reportedly charging up to $40,000 for meet and greet sessions, as evidenced by her upcoming appearance at the Rolling Loud Music Festival in May. She is slated to receive $40,000 to appear at the festival, and the owner of the company running the festival says that he will also be throwing Bregoli’s 14th birthday party at the site, and that Danielle will be getting a cut of all of the ticket sales.

Insane. And all that from acting like an annoying, loud-mouthed teenager on a shitty TV show. Welcome to 2017 everyone, where celebritites no longer require talent – just a really dumb catch phrase. How bout dah?

She might be rich as hell, but this girl is all talk and no bite. Just look at what happened when she tried to start a fight on the street.


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