Ken Bone Revealed Some Seriously Dark Secrets On His Reddit Account Last Night


Welcome to the Bone Zone.

It was only a few days ago during the U.S. Presidential Debate that the ‘undecided voter’, Kenneth ‘Ken’ Bone, went viral after his brief appearance on national television. Since then Ken’s popularity has inflated and he has even overtaken Harambe as the latest internet meme theme.

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However, unlike Harambe, it looks like Ken’s fame might be short-lived after he revealed some seriously messed up shit on Reddit last night. Signing in as user ‘StanGibson18’ he decided to start an AMA to answer any questions that the online community might have for him (sounds like he’s already getting a bit big for his boots). It didn’t take long for the internet to find out some pretty weird shit. Firstly, he’s into preggo porn:


Then he admitted to committing insurance fraud:



His opinion on Jennifer Lawrence’s butthole:

And finally Ken’s delight over getting a vasectomy so he can now go bareback with his wife:


Blimey. I think that’s enough Ken Bone for today. I know I said this might hinder his popularity, but knowing the internet, it’s probably going to give him legend status. Fair play to you Ken Bone, you clearly know what you are doing.

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