Carole Baskin Wrote A Letter Saying She Would Have ‘Killed’ Her First Husband To Get Out Of Her Marriage

Not such a good look.

‘Tiger King’ might have first hit our screens over six months ago now, but people are still finding more clues and evidence to indict Carole Baskin for the murder of her second husband Don Lewis.

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A new documentary has been airing over in the States called ‘Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies and Cover-Up’, which actually features jail cell interviews with Joe himself but focussing on Baskin and the last days of Don Lewis. One of the key piers of evidence that they’ve managed to uncover is a letter that she wrote to Don Lewis’ wife Gladys in 1990 whens he was still married to Lewis and Baskin had begun her affair with him.

She explains that she would have killed her first husband Michael Murdock to get out of their marriage, which isn’t going to sit well with that many people when she’s actually accused of killing her second husband:

Yep, that definitely doesn’t look so good for her does it? Carole has actually responded to the letter and said that it was in the context of Murdock being physically abusive to her to the point that she feared for her life, but again the fact that she wrote down that she was willing to kill her husband of the time to get out of the marriage isn’t going to make her look so good in the eyes of people who think she actually killed her next husband.

The fact that she refuses to take a polygraph about that and the local sheriff says that Don Lewis’ signature was forged on his will isn’t helping her either. The police are still investigating it so expect her to be arrested sometime near the end of the year – you heard it here first.

For more of the same, check out people thinking that Carole Baskin was working as a prostitute when she met Don Lewis. Would make a lot of sense to be fair.


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