People Think That Carole Baskin Was Working As A Prostitute When She Met Her First Husband

Plot twist.

The fallout from ‘Tiger King’ is continuing apace and shows no signs of stopping – mainly because nobody has anything to do with the world currently on lockdown because of Coronavirus – and the latest theory out there concerns Carole Baskin and claims that she was working as a prostitute when she met her first husband Don Lewis.

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Of course, we all know how the story of their relationship ended – Carole killed him and fed him to their tigers, narc – but people are disputing how it started. In ‘Tiger King’, Carole said that she was walking aimlessly down Nebraska Avenue after a fight with her first husband when Don Lewis drove by and wouldn’t leave her alone until she got in the car with him, which eventually led to her spending the night with him and Don leaving his current wife and family for her.

That all sounds like it might have actually happened, but a bunch of people on Twitter are claiming that there’s on little detail that Carole’s leaving out of the story: she was actually a hooker turning tricks when she met him because Nebraska Avenue was where all the whores used to hang out back in the day:

I mean that certainly adds a whole dimension to the story doesn’t it and it’s definitely believable as well – it’s not the first time a rich older man has fallen in love with a prostitute and left his family for her. Probably not the first time a prostitute has subsequently murdered him for his money and covered it up either. Definitely seen that in a movie if not real life.

Whether it’s true or not is a whole different matter entirely though. Doesn’t seem like they were trying to necessarily hide it in the documentary if Carole herself says she was walking down Nebraska, even if she didn’t specifically say it. Not sure how relevant is it to the entire story either, but it kinda fits with her whole narrative right? Pretty sure we’ll be hearing more about her soon whatever the story though.

For more of the same, here’s an update on the Carole Baskin murder investigation. Damn.


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