An Argument Over A Threesome Led To A 60-Person Royal Rumble On Board A Carnival Cruise


A massive fight broke out on board a Carnival cruise ship this week after  passengers were caught cheating on their significant others while on the trip, according to a witness who spoke to the NY Post.

It all kicked off after a threesome between passengers upset the partners of those involved, presumably because they weren’t invited, resulting in an impromptu Royal Rumble match at 2am that involved up to 60 people on the ship’s fifth floor:

That’s the problem with cruise ships in general – it’s all fun and games on the open seas until you’re caught shagging someone else’s wife from a few cabins down. Once the drama kicks off, you’ve got nowhere to go! You’re trapped on a floating prison! You either jump overboard and drown or be ready to get involved in an HOUR LONG BRAWL (seriously, it lasted an hour) with 60 people all beating the sh*t out of each other.

The part I don’t get is how one threesome led to 60 people fighting, but apparently Carnival Cruise Lines is the Spirit Airlines of the seas and so maybe it’s not much of a mystery at all. Pay cheap prices, get cheap people. Most of those involved in the fight probably just saw some drama going down and were happy to get involved and start swinging fists and bottles.

I guess you always run some kind of risk when committing yourself to a cruise holiday – not to mention all the pensioner STDs running wild. You have been warned.


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