Carlos Santana Was Off His Face On LSD At His Most Legendary Performance At Woodstock

Santana Guitar Woofstock

It changed his life forever.

When I think about popping a tab of LSD, I probably want to be out in the countryside with all my friends in a nice calm environment, and definitely not about to play my guitar in front of thousands and thousands of people.

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I’m clearly not as cool as Carlos Santana though as that’s exactly what he decided to do before his legendary set at Woodstock back in the day. Sure, the biggest moment of your life, just drop a tab of acid before it no worries.

In fairness to the guy though, it worked out pretty damn well for him as his show stealing, shredding performance signalled the beginning of his magnificent career – even though the guitar turned into a snake halfway through his set. Hear the full story below:

That is a jokes video. I just love watching his face during it. I know some people play guitar like that anyway, but damn, it’s even better when you learn that someone’s actually on acid and just trying to hold it together whilst still absolutely shredding and killing it on the guitar. Hero.

For more LSD, check out this video which absolutely nails an LSD trip so you don’t ever have to take it yourself. Useful.


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