Someone’s Completely Nailed What An LSD Trip Looks Like (Without You Having To Take LSD)


Far out man.

Lots of us out there have often wondered what it feels like to do LSD, but a lot of us out there are also pussies who are super scared of bad trips and don’t want to take the risk, so never end up knowing the true nature of spiritual enlightenment, man.

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Thankfully, for all us pussies out there then there’s this video which a couple of absolute hippies (you’ll see what I mean) have put together to illustrate as realistically as possible what it feels like to go on an acid trip. They’ve put in a lot of extra details in the video that you might only catch out of the corner of your eye in order to make the video as authentic as possible, so it might be worth watching once or twice if you want the full experience:

Psychedelic. Love his little explanation at the end.

Of course, a real acid trip lasts about 600 times longer than that – and might never actually finish if you believe some things you read – so you’re only getting a snippet of it, but from what I heard it seems like a pretty accurate depiction of it. Maybe I should go and buy some, it looks like it was pretty fun.

For more LSD, check out this girl drawing self portraits before and during an acid trip. Freaky.


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