Crazy Hood Rats Using Baby Car Seats As Weapons Is The Most Ghetto Street Fight Of All Time

It doesn’t get much more ghetto than this.

As far as WorldStar videos goes, this one has to be up there with some of the most outrageously ghetto street fights we’ve ever seen. Just an absolute orgy of violence consisting of a group of women beating the living daylights out of some dude with a unique set of weaponry. It appears as though there’s been some kind of driving-related dispute between them beforehand.

Watch below:

As the guy filming was saying — DAYUM! That dude got well and truly whooped. Surely someone his size should be putting up more of a fight when he’s getting annihilated with baseball bats and baby car seats from every direction.

One thing’s for sure — those girls know how to fight. I’m just wondering whether there was a baby in that seat before they decided to rip it out the car and use it as a weapon of mass destruction. And if so where did that baby end up?

This guy really should take some tips on how to win every street fight you’re ever in, guaranteed.


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